The Diary of a Hopeless Fangirl

Hey, it's Celia, and if your question is, will I ever get my life together and start doing something productive rather than reblogging pictures of fictional character and pretending that anyone cares what I have to say, then the answer is no.


i’m sorry but what was the point of releasing this as a promotional stillimage

if not to show you before you even watch the episode that both these men do not find the wedding they are attending ideal?

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What we’ve got here is a progression of sorts…from Fergus to Crowley.

I find these questions funny…as ‘true form’ top side?…Red smoke, no question. Down below? That’s different beast entirely since I already shared that I think a demon would appear different depending on who sees them. And while I ADORE consulting-cannibal’s and snewts’ true form designs…for me humanity can be the true monster, so I see no reason to stray TOO far from homosapien, especially since SPN’s demons are twisted human souls instead of fallen angels like some shows.

On a different note…can’t believe I hadn’t thought of using William Morgan Sheppard as my base for Fergus. Now I just feel silly.

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