The Diary of a Hopeless Fangirl

Hey, it's Celia, and if your question is, will I ever get my life together and start doing something productive rather than reblogging pictures of fictional character and pretending that anyone cares what I have to say, then the answer is no.




after what feels like literally the longest week of my life working on it my marauder’s map dress for leakycon is DONE!! as a side note, i literally never want to use another fine point sharpie in my life.


oh my goodness…this is stunning work! Absolutely lovely art! 

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Just a reminder:the natural diet of these birds is BONES. Not just bone marrow; actual bone shards. They pick up huge freaking bones from carcasses and drop them onto rocks until they get spiky pieces and then they swallow them. Their stomach acid dissolves bone.

look me in the eye and tell me that’s not a fucking dragon

And they aren’t naturally red like that. That’s self-applied makeup. They find the reddest earth they can to work into their feathers as a status symbol.

And they don’t scavenge other parts of carcases, just the bones. 85-90% of their diet is exclusively bone. Hence why it’s only a myth that these birds would just pick up whole lambs and carry them off. It’s not true, but in German they’re still called Lämmergeier as a result.

So metal

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Cemetery fandom, here’s one for you.

As viral nova reports:

The grave is Nancy Kerlin Barnett’s (1793 – 1831). When the county decided to build the road through what used to be the local cemetery her grandson, Daniel Doty, was not happy. Doty went out and decided to guard his grandmother’s grave with a gun. He refused to move until they rerouted the road. Eventually the county gave in and built the road around the grave.

I hope I can have such loving grandchildren one day!


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can we talk about how cute misha is with the way he sits





When you’re an avid runner you have a hard time sitting in place for long periods of time. Hence him wiggling and standing during most con panels.

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